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Below is a short list of reforms that the Action Fund has championed to reduce partisan gridlock and increase transparency and accountability.  Take action by sharing your support or contributing to support reform in California.

Citizens Redistricting. The Action Fund supported the passage of Prop 11 in 2008 which took the decennial job of drawing political boundaries away from lawmakers and gave it to citizens to reduce partisan gerrymandering.
Top-Two Primary. The Action Fund supported Prop 14 in 2010 which gave every voter the right to vote for all candidates in primary elections, giving politicians an incentive to appeal to all voters in their districts.
Term Limit Reform. The Action Fund supported Prop 28 in 2012 which allowed state lawmakers to serve up to 12 years in either house of the Legislature, giving them a chance to build expertise and relationships.
Legislator Suspension Reform. In 2016 the Action Fund supported Prop 50 which gave the California Legislature clear authority to suspend members of the Senate or the Assembly without pay.
California Legislative Transparency Act. The Action Fund supported Prop 54 in 2016. Approved by more than 64 percent of voters in the November 2016 election. Prop 54 requires the Legislature to distribute and post online legislation in its final form for at least 72 hours before a final floor vote by either house, to post online a video recording of every legislative meeting that is supposed to be open to the public, and to allow all individuals to create and share their own recordings of legislative proceedings.

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