To ensure the California government delivers results and works for everyone

The California Forward Action Fund strives to improve the quality of life for all Californians by advocating for policies that create inclusive, sustainable growth and improved government at the state and local levels.


   Regional Inclusive Economic Development

Emphasize interconnectivity, collaboration and equity to help regions create inclusive economic recovery strategies in the wake of COVID-19.

   Broadband for All

Support funding and legislation that invests in broadband infrastructure, a critical resource for improving health, equity, education and the economy statewide now and in the future.

   Education Cradle to Career

Advocate for funding and support the expansion of the Cradle to Career data-driven integrated service delivery model throughout California.

   Increasing Community Investment

Advocate for economic development tools that accelerate investments in the built environment and talent development pipeline, including the creation of Public Investment Authorities to facilitate the bundling of state and local revenues for investment.


Citizen Redistricting

Top-Two Primary

Term Limit Reform

Majority Vote Budget Reform

Rainy Day Fund

Legislator Suspension

Legislative Transparency

The CA FWD Action Fund is the advocacy partner of California Forward (CA FWD).